noun lit·er·a·ture \ˈli-tə-rə-ˌchu̇r, ˈli-trə-ˌchu̇r, ˈli-tə(r)-ˌchu̇r, -chər, -ˌtyu̇r, -ˌtu̇r\

  •  written works (such as poems, plays, and novels) that are considered to be very good and to have lasting importance
  • books, articles, etc., about a particular subject
  • printed materials ( such as booklets, leaflets, and brochures that provide information about something

For women like us who can go through books as quickly as we can potato chips, the need to select reading that lives up to the definition of literature that is "considered very good and to have lasting importance" becomes very important. As women who love God and seek to live and walk in His truth and grace, the need to be discerning readers is even more important. For that reason we endeavor to be women of the Word, and ladies of literature.