When We Aren't Reading

While it does take up a lot of our time we don't just sit around reading all day. Below you can keep up with some of the other things we have going on. From small businesses, to other blogs we ladies are always up to something. 

Here's the latest....


Ashley-Madison & Grand 

In December of 2015 Ashley launched Madison & Grand a home decor business that she runs out of her home. Being her own boss provides her the flexibility to spend time with her family, and still serve in her churches women's ministry. Visit her site to see what she's working on. 


MaryAnne- That Good Part

"More Martha than Mary, more Naomi than Ruth, wanting to be more like Priscilla and well, really more Christ-like." MaryAnne chronicles life in this personal blog space. Subscribe to receive emails when new content posts! 


Ashley-The Motherhood Memoirs

"Lessons in life, love and the pursuit of Godliness." Follow along as Ashley navigates family, small business life and ministry, all while brunching, DIY-ing and baking up sweet treats.