Review-Shepherds Abiding/ Amazon Audible

It’s finally December and while no snow has flown in Northern Arizona yet, temperatures have definitely fallen. Then end of this week will bring another Three Ladies reunion, some pre-Christmas festivities and a reason for the very warm coat I just scored at Eddie Bauer. 

I often think I don’t enjoy the build up to the holiday as much as I should. We have a few birthdays we won’t celebrate since those we love went to be with the Lord, and time hasn’t lessened that loss yet. It’s busy, sometimes frantically so, and while some people thrive on that, this eldest lady doesn’t. With the coming of December, I decided on a purposeful advent practice. As part of that, though not the traditional calendar or devotional, is something I think deserves a place on our list of…

“Things People Wish You Would Buy Them for Christmas!”

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Review-She Reads Truth Bible

The three ladies are pretty excited this week, because our favorite food holiday is coming AND it will also include a three ladies reunion. Yep, this time the Arizona crowd is heading West, and we’re looking forward to family, food, fun, food, more fun, and so on and so forth. Today we’re taking a break from the Thanksgiving prep for another installment of…

“Things People Wish You Would Buy Them For Christmas!”

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Review-Hinds’ Feet on High Places: An Engaging Visual Journey

Have you seen them? You know, the memes in your social media feed that proclaim alarming things like “10 Fridays Until Christmas!” and “24 New Hallmark Christmas Movies Start This Weekend!” Yep, it may be 91 degrees in my backyard but Christmas is right around the corner. Today’s post will be the first in a series called: 

                                    Things People Wish You Would Buy Them For Christmas!

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Review- Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full by Gloria Furman

The old saying goes "Never judge a book by it's cover", any bibliophile will tell you it's true. I'm going be honest, when I picked up this book I was 100% sure I was about to read 154 pages on how to maximize your quiet time with the Lord when you have screaming children pulling at you all day everyday. I expected practical advice on how to treasure that time and make it a priority. After the introduction I realized I was mistaken and in the best possible way.  

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Review-Dad, Does God Exist? By Charlie H. Campbell

Hi everyone, it's Audrey and I want to tell you about the latest book my Gigi bought me! It's Dad, Does God Exist by Charlie H. Campbell. I have heard my mom and Gigi talk about Charlie before and how he has a ton of amazing Cd's, DVDs and books on Apologetics. I didn't exactly know what apologetics was and honestly I'm still a little confused but Mom explained that this book was a good starting point for a curious kid (a five year old kid to be precise) like myself. Dad, Does God Exist, opens with Sarah being told by a classmate that God isn't real! I know God is real but I was surprised when my mom told me that not everyone believes that! We started talking about how I would probably meet other kids that don't believe in God too and what I should do if they tell me He isn't real.

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Review-She Reads Truth App

I'm a visual person. That's why things like Pinterest and journaling/coloring bibles are totally up my alley. So when I started seeing people post these beautiful pictures with scripture on them and a little "She Reads Truth" watermark in the corner I was intrigued. After I looked into it I found that not only does She Reads Truth have awesome lock screens and downloads for those spiritual and encouraging Instagram posts we all love, they are actually responsible for much more! 

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Review-The Valley of Vision by Arthur Bennett

I don’t know if you ever notice this, but there are some books that repeatedly come up as quoted in other books. When I notice that, (usually third time’s the charm) I have my curiosity peaked enough to pick up the quoted book. I’m currently savoring, and I do mean savoring, The Valley of Vison by Arthur Bennett.  Over the years, I have read quotes from this book so often I began to wonder if I had actually read it in its entirety by now!  

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