Review-Hinds’ Feet on High Places: An Engaging Visual Journey

Have you seen them? You know, the memes in your social media feed that proclaim alarming things like “10 Fridays Until Christmas!” and “24 New Hallmark Christmas Movies Start This Weekend!” Yep, it may be 91 degrees in my backyard but Christmas is right around the corner. Today’s post will be the first in a series called: 

  Things People Wish You Would Buy Them For Christmas!


It’s no secret around here that the three ladies love the classics. Whether it’s re-reading a favorite or finally getting to one on our to-be-read list, we love books that are older than our combined age. Okay, I just did the math and that’s pretty old so we’ll revise that criteria a bit!

When you combine a classic book in a beautiful new format, who doesn’t want that for Christmas? Or next week? Hinds’ Feet on High Places: An Engaging Visual Journey by Hannah Hurnard is the beloved story set among art that brings the tale of Much Afraid to life in a way that will make this version a keepsake. 


First, the story. Hinds’ Feet is the allegorical tale of Much Afraid, who lives near her awful family, the Fearings. She loves the Good Shepherd whom she serves, and although crippled and fearful, longs to go to the High Places where she can be free of the trials of her life. Similar to Pilgrims’ Progress, the story lays out the path of Christian life from salvation to maturity as Much Afraid journeys to the High Places. It begins in the Valley of Humiliation, with an invitation to the High Places, and follows her travels with two companions assigned to her by the Shepherd. She encounters many trials along the way, as the Fearing family tries to ensnare her and keep her from following the Shepherd. 

As Much Afraid makes her way along the Shepherds path, we recognize in her struggles some of our own. Pride to be overcome, learning to trust the One who has called us, dealing with discouragement are just some of the obstacles to her journey, and ours. This is a wonderful book for young readers on up, with timeless truths and lessons for every Christian. 


This edition is made special by the beautiful artwork and photographs. The cover alone is enchanting, done in a vintage watercolor style with a mountain theme. What is inside is more of the same, hand-lettered scripture, antiqued photographs, and more watercolor artwork that lends itself to the moments of the story. As Much Afraid collects her memorial stones along the way, there are journaling spaces for your reflections. It is one of the most attractive gift books I’ve seen, worthy of a place on your coffee table as well as your bookshelf.  


Also included is “Lessons Learned on the Slopes of the High Places”, a recounting of a trip to Switzerland that inspired Hind’s Feet, and an abridged autobiography of Hannah Hurnard. For the lover of this classic, or for someone who needs to be introduced to it, this version is one to give. 

This is part of Tyndale Publishing’s Living Expressions line, a favorite of ours for the NLT One Year Chronological Bible, Tranquility and Gratitude journals and all are available now through our affiliate links.  So get your start on things people wish you would buy them for Christmas! 

Read well, friends! 

***While I received a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale house publishing for review, my views are very much my own.Amazon affiliate links included in this post***