Review-She Reads Truth Bible

The three ladies are pretty excited this week, because our favorite food holiday is coming AND it will also include a three ladies reunion. Yep, this time the Arizona crowd is heading West, and we’re looking forward to family, food, fun, food, more fun, and so on and so forth. Today we’re taking a break from the Thanksgiving prep for another installment of…

“Things People Wish You Would Buy Them For Christmas!”


We’ve shared here about our favorite Bible app, She Reads Truth. I (the eldest lady) recently read the book by the founders of the ministry, also titled She Reads Truth and if you are one who enjoys spiritual insights and application wrapped up in a memoir style narrative, you will love their book. Today we want to chat about the She Reads Truth Bible. 

First off, as I shared here on the CSB Reader’s Bible, I’ve become a fan of the cloth over board style of Bible. Solid in the hand, easy to write in, lay flat binding, this is my new favorite binding. This Bible comes in a few fun colors as well, and the linen feel is nice. But what’s inside is the best part. 

I’ll let Ashley share on her favorite features in a moment, but I give you feature run down first. This Bible is also in the CSB translation, and includes some great features that make it a good Bible for someone new to reading God’s word: 

  • How to Read the Bible- a great little article on how to approach God’s word, engage with it, and apply it. 
  • Book intros- one unique feature here is that each book of the Bible has a color coded edge that indicates the literary style of the book. This is a contextual point that is often overlooked in helping people understand what they are reading, so I loved that. The usual authorship key verse and message of each book is included. 
  • Charts and timelines in each book-this is really helpful for tracking with events and they did it well. 
  • Reading plans- each book has its own suggested reading plan in the book intro, as well as Robert Murray M’Cheyne’s reading plan in the back. 
  • Topical index, maps. 

Note-the words of Christ are not in red in this Bible, I like what Anne Graham Lotz has said about that-if Jesus is the Word, the whole book should be red! If you think that’s a deal breaker, I bet a few chapters of a gospel you won’t even notice, I didn’t.  

But because I’m a nice mom, I’ll let Ashley share some of the other features that make this a unique Bible. Go, Muffin! 

Thanks Mom! In addition to this bible being just plain beautiful, did we mention the artwork at the beginning of each book? It's quickly becoming the perfect bible for my morning time in the Word. Which leads me to one of my favorite features and that's the devotions. 189 devotions authored by various She Reads Truth contributors spread throughout to help us dig a little deeper, do a little soul searching and most importantly turn our focus to Jesus and the glorious gospel. I love how they explain it...

"Each devotional seeks to show the gospel in every passage. We believe God is the main character of every story and it is our delight to find Him there."

The She Reads Truth Bible is a devotion centered bible not a study bible. What does that mean? A study bible helps bring clarity to the word and puts things in historical and cultural context. A devotional bible, while it may also provide elements of a study bible, is meant to focus on helping readers apply the scripture to their daily lives. 

Each type of bible is important and I don't believe one is better than the other. In fact I believe that we benefit from different kinds in different seasons. I'm in a season of rest right now and a devotional bible is exactly what my weary soul needs as the Lord heals and fills me up for the next season of outpouring.  The She Reads Truth Bible has been a sweet tool each morning. And again, did I mention how pretty it is!? 

Anything else to add there Mom? 

Just that I also love the wide margins, as making copious notes in my Bible is my new favorite thing. Whether it’s a gift for a loved one, or a gift for yourself, the She Reads Truth Bible is sure to be a blessing. 

Read well, friend, and Carpe Diem! 


***We received a complimentary copy from B&H publishing for the purpose of review, but as always, our opinions are our own. Amazon affiliate links included in this post***