Review-Devotions from the Kitchen Table

We love fall, and we love the holidays that come with it. In a few short weeks we will be making our first trip back to California for Thanksgiving, and we can't wait to put our feet under the table with our family. That happens to be a great segue into our next installment of:

"Things People Wish You Would Buy Them For Christmas!" 

Devotions, like Instagram accounts of peoples animals, are in no short supply. Go to any bookstore, or gift shop and you will likely find at least a few displayed alongside coffee mugs and tote bags with inspirational quotes and verses. However, not all devotions are created equal and if you have spent any amount of time reading them you will know they generally fall into three categories:

  • Meaty
  • Practical
  • Fluffy

The meaty is the devotional that's going to make you ponder and ponder and probably look up at least a few things in you bible dictionary. Each day has a big obvious revelation and you come away stuffed! Practical devotionals are there to give us, well, practical encouragement. They are the ones with actions steps and challenges to build you up. Finally, there are the fluffy devotionals, that are full of just that. Fluff. There is nothing wrong with this. Sometimes you want some light and fluffy encouragement to start your day. Gentle reminders of God's love, small passages and easy memory verses. Oh, but wait! There is one more elusive type. A devotion that isn't easy to come by but every now and then you run across one and it's worth mentioning. It's the hybrid devotion that is a rare combination of all three! That, my friends, is what we have in Devotions from the Kitchen Table by Stacey Edwards.

We ran across this devotion on accident in our favorite boutique one day and it charmed us instantly, listen to this...

"Devotions from the Kitchen table invites you to slow down and appreciate the gifts that are right in front of you. These ninety devotions will inspire you to sit in God's presence, nourish you soul, and cherish the people who grace your kitchen table." 

Now at the time we found this, I was about to move to our new home in Flagstaff Az so for the first time in 30 years the two eldest ladies of lit were not going to live 10 minutes apart. In a moment of inspired brilliance on my mom's part, she suggested we get two copies and read them at our respective tables then text about them each morning. Even though we hadn't done that since I got married, we loved the idea of way to meet each day despite the miles, over coffee at the kitchen table.  


It's been a while now and as we have worked our way through this devotion we have been pleasantly surprised to find that it is indeed one of those elusive hybrids. Someday are a little more meaty, some are more practical and some are nice and fluffy. The book is filled with beautiful photo's inspired by the day's devotion, each one invoking a sense of cozy homes, comforting food, and sweet companionship with the Lord.  I'm never sure what the day will bring but the combination of the three keeps me thinking and on my toes, all while enjoying the beautiful imagery and comparisons that the author draws from our everyday life around the kitchen table. So despite the miles between us, and the fact that one of us is probably having toast and  the other oatmeal, these two ladies of lit gather each morning, coffee in hand and crack open this sweet and unexpected find. 

Someone wants you to buy this for Christmas! Bless your family or a friend with this lovely book that is a perfect partner with your devotions or to take a break with for a few moments in a busy day. We love  Devotions From the Kitchen Tableand think you will too. 

Carpe Librium! 


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