Review-Hands on Bible (Big Kids Edition)

Hello everyone! It's Audrey and today me, alongside my Mom, are bringing you the latest installment of...

Things people wish you would buy them for Christmas...Kid edition! 


 The top item on my list is The Hands On Bible. You might feel like this review sounds familiar and it's because I have talked about a Hands On Bible before but FUN FACT...there are more than one of these awesome Bibles. This one is meant for older kids who can read and who are ready to start (with the help of their parents) digging into God's word. Just like Mom and Dad's Bible this one is "the full text" as my mom says and is in a translation called the NLT, which my mom also says is one of her favorites. 



Here's the part that makes my Bible so much cooler though...Its not only God's word but it has all sorts of stuff to help me learn to study the bible on my own! Like the Hands on Bible for younger kids, this one has things that I can do with my parents, prayers and verses to memorize, loads of fun facts, timelines and other hands on (oh hey I just got that) activities. Anything you want to add mom? 

As a matter of fact yes, thanks Aud's. Hey everyone, so as the year wraps up, we at Three Ladies of Lit always like to remind you that no matter how many awesome books we recommend the best and most important thing you can be reading is God's word. As a mom who wants to see my daughter grow up loving Gods word and desiring to study it I appreciate a bible series that grows with her and helps cultivate that. The My First Hands On Bible for younger kids was amazing during her late toddler and preschool years and this older kid version ( I would recommend ages 5 and up) is the perfect transition into the whole text. The activities and the fun facts make each book come even more alive and teach our kids how to look for Jesus in every passage. It's never too early to teach a child about having daily time in Gods word. Its something we should be modeling for them in our own lives and providing the tools and instruction to help cultivate it in theirs. 


Is it time consuming cultivating this? Yes. Do you have to answer a 100 questions about passages and google stuff on your phone that you have no idea about? Yes. Do you have to make sure your 5yr old keeps this Bible away from the baby because the pages are no longer cardboard. Yes. Is it really something my kid wants for Christmas...YES! 

So this January we will begin a new year of studying. Me with my She Reads Truth Bible (another thing that people wish you would buy them) and Audrey with her Hands on Bible. Together we will dive in and wait expectantly for all that the Lord will show us. We hope you join us too.



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