Review-Dad Time by Max Lucado

Father’s day is coming and you know what that means-wandering around the store looking at bizarre things they bring out only at Father’s Day-bacon themed clothing, desktop putting greens and inflatable toupees. What? You think I made that up?

Why not give Dad something with a little more meaning that will continue to bless him long after the gator jerky is gone? Dad Time by Max Lucado is a great choice.  If you’ve read any Max Lucado books you know him to be a great story teller. He intertwines biblical truth and application with real life experiences to form a braid of inspiration and wisdom.

Dad Time is a compilation from his many books that all have to do with the theme of fatherhood. Whether its subject is God the perfect Father or advice for earthly dads, each entry sheds light on the important role of Dad. This is a nice supplement to a dad’s devotions, as each selection is only one or two pages. This is the kind of book he might keep handy on his desk or in his briefcase, or a nice supplement to his devotions, as each selection is only one or two pages.

One of my favorite quotes from the book is this:

“It is right to call God Holy; we speak truth when we call Him King. But if you want to touch His heart, use the name He loves to hear. Call Him Father.”

Help your Dad(or spiritual dad) be inspired in his calling as father and draw nearer to his heavenly Father this year with a gift of Dad Time.