Review-Living Water by Chuck Smith

If you were at our women's retreat this past weekend, you were present for several moves of the Holy Spirit in our sessions. For some of you, these were new experiences, left you with questions and maybe even a little scared!


A great resource for these questions on the Holy Spirit, His identity, role and gifts is Living Water by Pastor Chuck Smith. It's  been many years since I first read this book, and it's as fresh and relevant as ever.

Unpacking scripture in his clear and practical  style, Pastor Chuck helps us to have a solid foundation for understanding what we need to know about the Holy Spirit so we experience all the benefits of our Helper. As we heard at retreat, the Holy Spirit is our Helper, not our Doer, and as we learn of Him we are equipped to live in the power of His help.

You will come away with questions answered and your faith strengthened as you dive deep into Living Water by Chuck Smith.