Review-Truth Matters: Confident Faith In a Confusing World by Kostenberger, Bock & Chatraw

Every Fall a new group of Christian kids head off to college.  For some, it will be a time of faith building and growth.  For others, it can be a time of confusion and even spiritual shipwreck. We hear statistics every year of the growing number of students that leave their faith behind once they're in college.  Sometimes it's the challenge of questions they have about their own faith as they enter this new season of life, or it's dealing with challenges to their beliefs by professors and other students. How can a student be equipped to deal with world views they've never encountered and philosophies they've never heard of?   How can they stand firm in their beliefs?

Knowing the questions college students have and the challenges they face, the authors of Truth Matters tackle head on the topics and arguments that can derail a student.  This is a book, as the authors say in the preface, about God and His truth in a changing world and shifting culture. They weigh the arguments against Christianity put forth by scholars like Bart Ehrman from both a biblical and logical standpoint, and address questions like:

  • Is God there? Does He care?
  • Who picked the books of the Bible and why are they there?
  • Are there contradictions and mistakes in the Bible?
  • How can copies be the same as the real thing?
  • Who decided what Christianity was made of?
  • How do we know Jesus rose from the dead?

Much of the positions against Christianity come from Ehrmann, and sections of his popular books are used as the worldview a student is likely to encounter. In one sense, this book is a challenging read, because the format is very much centered on developing critical thinking skills. This isn't Top Ten Scriptures to Silence Your Professor, this book presents the arguments against Christianity the way a student can expect to experience them at the college level and answer them in a biblical and skilled way.

Whether it's questions, objections or doubts they have themselves, or they hear from others, the Christian student can find solid, well reasoned answers in a book that makes it clear that Truth Matters.