Review-Habits for Our Holiness by Philip Nation

While our blog is Three Ladies of Lit, you may have noticed you are hearing a lot from only one lady-me. We've had an addition to our life and literary world, my grandson Declan! This has left his mom reading plenty and writing little, but you can expect to hear from her shortly. In the meantime, here's a book followers of Jesus of all levels of spiritual growth would do well to read.

The back cover of Habits for Our Holiness says “Not your typical spiritual disciplines book.” That’s not just good marketing, it’s actually true.

Habits for our Holiness is a good book, a useful book and offers some insights that make it worth the read. From the time a new follower of Jesus come into church, they are told about the importance of worship, bible reading and prayer. What is often not always effectively communicated is the motive for these practices-love.

In Habits for our Holiness, Philip Nation does a good job of laying the foundation of love as our motive from the opening chapter, and carries it through the rest of the book. I loved this statement from page 13, “The commonality that should be inherent in all spiritual growth is love. We must understand this principle: Love is the central discipline of the Christian life. Everything else will flow from that as the centerpiece of spiritual formation.” He defines spiritual disciplines a habits that express our love for God, and each chapter has that love as the foundation for the theological instruction and practical direction for holy habits.

Going beyond the big three habits, his inclusion of the practice of fasting, fellowship, rest, simple living and more makes this a great book for anyone who longs for a faith that shapes every area of their lives.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for the purpose of this review, and my opinions are my own. Like you thought the wouldn't be? ;)

Read well, friends.