Reading Adventures with MaryAnne

I’ve embarked on another reading adventure! Remember my adventure as part of Emily P. Freeman’s launch team for her latest book Simply Tuesday? Not only did I discover a book I love and hope you’ve picked up for yourself, but I really enjoyed the behind the scenes look into the writers heart and the publishing/marketing industry.

Like Alice, I seem to have fallen into some rabbit hole for launch teams, because I received an invite for another one. This one is more of an adventure, I was a total Emily fan before the launch team, but this time the author is a total unknown to me. See, I really don’t know every author and book ever written! This is a little scary, because as a launch team member, you have to write about the book-what if I hate it? What if I wouldn’t recommend it? Will I be black listed from launch teams forevermore?

Whatever. That’s why it’s an adventure. Isn’t every book you pick up an adventure? You may think you know where you’re going and what you’ll find there, but there is always a new discovery. So be adventurous and sign up to follow the blog so you can join the literary exploits.

This new book is a subject near and dear to my soul. My other blog is called That Good Part because I want to choose the good things that can’t be taken away every day, and I want that for you too. Don’t you want your life to be focused, intentionally following Jesus in a way that bears fruit for your life? Of course you do. So let the adventure begin, drumroll……..

Breaking Busy: How to Find Peace and Purpose in a World of Crazy by Alli Worthington

Several years ago I read Kevin DeYoung’s book Crazy Busy, and I haven’t stopped recommending it yet. This whole busy thing has infected our culture in ways that have choked off the benefit of all we’re busy about-now we’re just crazy. I’m excited to read
book on the subject from another voice,
this time a woman, and a very interesting sounding woman at that.

Alli Worthington is the Executive Director of Propel Women, a website devoted to the role of Christian women in leadership, and the calling of women in the marketplace. Oh, you think she writes about things that don’t relate to you because you’re not an entrepreneur? She’s also a wife and mom a passel of kids. I think we can expect a book full of practical direction for people who want God’s purposes worked out in their life while resisting being consumed by what isn’t of Him at all.

So sign up and put on your adventure outfit!