Secret Revealed! (sort of)

Remember months ago when I told you I had something exciting to share? No? Of course not, because it was months ago! But, every day but Sundays since then, I've remembered. Remembered and became more and more frustrated that I didn't have a secret to reveal after I told you I did.

Technically, I still don't but I'm going to at least tell you what should have happened. I was selected to participate in a launch team of a new book by Emily P. Freeman, and boy was I excited. There is no exclamation point at the end of that sentence because, frankly, I'm less excited. The reason for that is because although I've gotten all the updates, emails and Facebook launch team info, I have yet to get my advanced reading copy of the book. I've felt unsettled saying anything about the book until I received and read it. We've recommended her books before, but there is something in me that won't let me promote a book unless I've read it first. Okay, maybe a Tozer book. But really, would you expect any less from me?  Poor mailbox, how many times have I slammed your door in frustration?

On the off chance I get it before the actual release date, I thought I'd at least let you know what that post was about. Emily P. Freeman wrote a book we recommended a couple years ago called Grace for the Good Girl, and it was the hit of the retreat list. I've been following her blog since then, and I've found her writing there to be, well, a little different than in GFTGG. More introspective, more encouraging, more devotional, none of which are bad things, just different. And, I like it. More story driven that a lot of what I read, it's just a change of flavor that I've found to be a way to quiet my soul and at least occasionally slow the runaway train in my head. Now, she's about to release a book that speaks to both those things.

Simply Tuesday is about giving your soul a chance to breath. I can't tell you more than what is on the back cover of the book since I haven't read it yet. But, according to my launch team members who have, the book resonates with that yearning we have to be okay with who and where we are today, to be "small" and to find ourselves in Christ. As I've read some of the posts from the team, particularly the quotes from the book that ministered to them, I've found myself saying "I was just thinking about that, I wonder what else she says?" To say I'm anxious to read it is an understatement.

Now, having said that, I still say this; I'm not exactly recommending the book. I can't imagine I wouldn't, but since I can't write an accurate review I don't think I'd be doing you a favor recommending something under those circumstances, do you? But inform you with anticipation of something that's probably really good coming soon? That I'll do.

I'll also do this, I encourage you to follow Emily on Instagram or search the hashtag #itssimplytuesday for a look at what a small moment living looks like in a fast moving world. The photos from women like you and me, needing a moment to breath, are refreshing, funny, tender, and real.

So keep watch for the upcoming review of the book, and in the meantime, enjoy your Tuesday!