What? Another Adventure? I'm In!

So this is a thing now. Yep, I'm on another launch team!

This time we'll be getting a sneak peek at the new book by Annie F. Downs, Looking for Lovely. Annie wrote a book that we had on our retreat list last year, Let's All Be Brave. It's a great young adult book, but as a not so young adult, I really enjoyed both the topic and Annie's writing.

My copy of the book hasn't appeared in my mail box yet, so I don't have any inside scoop to share other than a link to the website for the book. Click here to watch the video of Annie sharing how this book was born, read a little about the book and pre-order a copy if you can't wait to hear what I think.

When Ashley was little and we were going to do something she thought would be an adventure, she would ask me to put her hair in two braids, and she called it her adventure hair.  I feel like I need to put my hair in two braids. Part of the definition of the word "adventure" is an exciting or remarkable experience, and launch teams definitely fit that description. Getting to have direct contact with the author, learning about the publishing world and making new friends with other team members all make for exciting new experiences. Then there's the whole reading a new book thing-can't wait for this one!

In the meantime, read well friends!