Review-What Does God Really Promise? By Carolyn Larsen

Tyndale has produced another versatile book that I'm happy to recommend. What  Does God Really Promise? 101 Questions and Answers About God's Promises, the Church and the Futures is part of Tyndale's' line that brought us the Gratitude Prayer and Coloring Journal. This little book has short answers supported by scripture that bring clarity to God's promises-both what they are and who they are for. This is a quick reference for someone new to or asking questions about Christianity, and an encouragement for those who have been following God for many years.

The second part of the book answers often asked questions about the church and the future in a concise and balanced way. This isn't a comprehensive tool for answering the deep questions of life, death and eternity. It can be a springboard, especially for people not familiar with the Bible or church culture, that reveals that there are answers, and they can be given in an objective manner.  As I read it, I thought it would be a great youth group discussion book, or  gift for newer followers of Jesus. It's charming layout and colors make it something to leave out as an invitation to take a moment to be reminded of the promises and hope that we have in God.

Read well, friends!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher for my honest review.