Review-Longings of the Soul by Rob Salvato

A few weeks back I teased about a new book that was about released, remember? No? What, just because you have one eye out for the delivery truck with your on line gifts and the other on the oven filled with cookie exchange baking while you hope the toddler or cat doesn't pull down the Christmas tree-AGAIN, you don't remember something from a month ago?

I forgive you, because I forgot to update you on it for a month. But here it is, and news of a give away!

Longings of the Soul: Discover What You Are Really Longing For by Rob Salvato, the lead pastor of Calvary Vista (and my pastor) is a small book with a big truth about discontentment, both it's source and it's solution. The fact that my pastor wrote this book didn't lend it to any bias from me, in fact, I was probably more critical of it than if it were written by someone I didn't know. Would the Rob in the pulpit be able to communicate as effectively on the page?

Yes. This passage from the introduction captured me the first time I read it:

"They are intently searching for something.They sense a longing in their hearts or something else, something more, something better. But they don't know what it is they are searching or longing for. So life becomes this proverbial quest for that which is gong to bring purpose, satisfaction, and lasting fulfillment.  And this is not just the plight of the person who has yet to come into a relationship with Jesus. One of the great paradoxes of the Christian life is how Jesus can fill our hearts with peace because we've been forgiven....yet we can still struggle with feeling of discontentment." (emphasis mine).

This insight is what makes Longings a book that is for every Christian, those who are following Jesus closely and those who, having once believed are now at a distance, wondering why God didn't "work" for them.

While we try to find satisfaction in things we do and have, Rob reveals three distinct longings that are both spiritual in nature and at the core of all the longings we struggle with.  Until we address what they are and why we have them, we won't have the abundant life we expected to have with Christ. What are they?

  • Intimacy with God
  • Heaven or eternity
  • Eternal purpose and impact

This probably doesn't sound like things you think are the source of your dissatisfaction with circumstances or people in your life. Why they are, and the role they play in your life is explained in a conversational style that isn't filled with theological terms you have to Google. Instead, short chapters with illustrations that are easy to understand and wisdom that is easy to apply, Longings is a book that will change the way you look at discontentment.

To help you do that, we're having a Three Ladies give away! Subscribe to the Three Ladies of Lit by Monday, December 19th and we'll choose one winner of a signed copy of Longings. As 2016 winds down and we head into the new year, make it the year you find satisfaction for your Longings of the Soul.

Read well, friends.