Seasonal Changes and Other Things

I heard a rumor that in other parts of the country they are experiencing something called "Fall". Here in Southern California, we are experiencing something called, well, Southern California. That means it is hot, sunny, and we are still expected to be excited about pumpkin everything.

I love this photo because I frequently drink coffee, read a book and write a letter while I swing. #improbable

We have a backlog of books to tell you about-but not just yet. Today, a week before the official kickoff of holiday celebrations with calorie laden meals, calendar overload and exploding in-box sale offers, I want to encourage you in two things.


First, don't abandon the most important thing you can read, the Word of God. As your routine changes, your days filled with extra activities, make sure the one thing you don't change is time dwelling in the Bible. Wait. Maybe you have never made it a practice to read from the Bible every day-in that case, make a change, and start today. It's a great time to start a gospel, maybe the book of Luke as we head toward Christmas. Or, a chronological plan, or the Psalms. Just make sure as you plan for meals you will cook or attend, you are partaking in the most nourishing of meals-the Word.

Secondly, consider making a book part of your gift to your loved ones this year . While I'm a huge fan of e-books, and a growing fan of audio books, for me nothing replaces the tactile experience of sitting with a book in hand. One of my great delights in our little church bookstore is watching children to come in, pull a book of the shelf and after opening it, promptly sit down right in front of the shelf to read. I grew up in a library, my daughter grew up in a bookstore, my granddaughter is growing up in one and I want every child to know the adventure of color and words and stories-especially about the God who loves them. We'll be sharing some gift suggestions in the upcoming days to help you pick the perfect read for your friends, family and even yourself.

And, very soon, We're going to share news of what is sure to be our book of the year! It's coming out mid-December, we'll be doing a giveaway for subscribers to the blog, and can I tell you, you will be buying more than one copy of this book. What's the title? Who's the author? No, no, not just yet! And we're keeping it a secret from the littlest Lady of Lit because she might tell you. You're going to be excited, I promise that. And if you're not, well, I'll pray for you because you should be. I jest. Sort of.

So buckle up, we're heading into a new season!

Read well, friends.