Review-The Coming Apostasy by Mark Hitchcock and Jeff Kinley

We're creeping (or racing) toward our annual retreat and you know what that means-overflowing nightstands and very low Kindle batteries!  I just blazed through a new book by one of my favorite authors on the topic of prophecy and eschatology, and since it will be released soon I wanted to post something before it was lost in the last sprint of retreat prep. The book is The Coming Apostasy and my expectations were pretty high.

I have unreservedly recommended Mark Hitchcock's books for years, and I am unfamiliar with the work of Jeff Kinley. While I recommend this one, I would say that it's audience may be limited. Again, Hitchcock is a favorite on the subject of eschatology, especially for people who are new to Christianity, Similarly, for someone newer in the faith, this book may be helpful to understanding the need for a knowledge of God's word, the practice of discernment and why Christians fight on social media.

Apostasy simply means a departure or rebellion from  previously held religious beliefs. This book deals with the long held views of Christianity  grounded in the truth of the Bible that are being abandoned by those who once held to them. The first three chapters were a bit redundant, but did include the framework that set up the rest of the book. I appreciated the way the authors made a clear distinction between the behavior and positions of those who are not Christians and those who are. All the discussion of crumbling morality and the worlds anti-biblical views can be a distraction and mask the danger of those same views growing in the church. For someone really entrenched in some of the positions the authors address, I'm not sure their case for inerrancy is strong enough. Chapter 8, Will the Real Jesus Stand Up was a favorite, and I wished that their concluding chapter has been a bit more practical.. Still, this is a solid and readable book on an important topic and help you to be aware of The Coming Apostasy.

Read well, friends!

I received a copy of this book through Net Galley, supplied by the Tyndale for the purpose of this review.