Sip, Read, Repeat

It's that time again! Summer is coming and I just bought my first of many bottles of Moroccan Mint Iced Tea from Trader Joes. As is my habit in the time between my churches woman's retreat and the start of summer (which in my book is June 1st) I begin compiling my summer reading list. My mom is starting hers, you can read about it here .

As you know the Three Ladies of Lit are always reading, but in the summer we do try to make a point of setting aside time for non-work related reading, if you will. A lot of times we take the summer to re-read books or books that are purely just for fun and offer no profitability other than the fact that we enjoyed them by the pool. However, as we know summer rarely ambles and before you know it it's August and you are getting bombarded by back to school ads and Christmas decorations. So how do you decide what books make the cut for this precious season? That's exactly what I'm here to tell you today. I have a formula that I developed about three years back when it comes to picking books for my summer reading. It goes like this... one book to help me book to help me old classic. 

Ok, let’s break it down. One book to help me grow- this is a book usually in the Christian Living section of the store, it could be a women's book but not necessarily. The point of this book is to help me grow in my walk with the Lord. In years past these have included "Grace for the Good Girl by Emily P. Freeman, Mere Christianity by C.S Lewis, Lies Women Believe by Nancy Demoss Wolgemuth, to name a few. This section is usually the meat of my summer meal. It will be deep, it will be practical and sometimes a little uncomfortable. I look at it like the exercise you have to do during the summer so you can keep slipping into that bathing suit. It’s about maintaining your walk in a season when routine and study can often fall by the wayside. 

Moving on, one book to help me focus. Here is where we get more specific, this book is one that pertains to me and my season of life. In years past I have read marriage books, parenting books, even books about running small businesses. It's the book to help you hone your skills and give practical advice about the season the Lord has you in. Just because it is summer doesn't mean we shouldn't be learning! Think of this as your side dish of veggies, a little extra nutritional power boost. 

An old friend...You have heard me preach about the importance of read reading books again at different seasons of life. It gives new perspective, you see new things, and get to revisit old characters and places. Whether it's a work of fiction, or maybe a favorite biography, I always take time to visit an old friend during the summer. 

Finally, a classic. In a fast pace and technology frenzied world I find nothing more relaxing than slipping into a classic. Be it Austen, Bronte or Steinbeck, there is something beautifully slow paced about reading something from a time before Facebook, Instagram or Unicorn Frappuccino’s. It makes you slow down, the language is methodically constructed and put to paper with the sole purpose of taking you deep into every scene. Let’s face it, while there is a lot of amazing literature out there nothing beats the classics.  It's the dessert. 

So there you have it! No, I don't expect you to all read that many books this summer, I get it, and I’m not the norm when it comes to reading, but consider checking out our latest list and see if something pops out at you. If you need the added encouragement maybe think about  joining a book club or pairing up with a friend and picking a book. It’s supposed to be fun! So this summer if you can't find me check the beach or the pool, I'll be the one with the giant iced tea behind the pages of a good book.  Or the one chasing down my two kids, it's one or the other!