Now that I have your attention because of my silly yet accurate description of what this post is about, let's talk about buying books! 

We are blessed at Calvary Vista to have a bookstore right in our building filled with a lot of the titles you see here on the blog. We know that not all of you have access to a Christian store, so for our readers who don't we have some exciting news!

 We have partnered with Amazon and have become affiliates. This means is that when you see a book title in one of our posts that’s in bold print and click it you will be taken to for purchasing options! Sadly, not every single book we will talk about will be available this way, and as always if you are having trouble finding a title you can contact us, but we hope this new addition to the site is helpful! 

To kick things off we just updated the 2017 list post with these links. Go check it out and enjoy!


-The Three Ladies of Lit