Review-The One Year Devotions for Preschoolers

Hello everyone, it's Audrey and I want to tell you about a book I just got that I think you will love! It's my One Year Devotions for Preschoolers. This devotion has a story, verse and prayer for each day that's short and easy for me to enjoy and understand. It's like my Moms One Year Bible only not so big and there are pictures! We read it every day, sometimes in the morning AND the evening before bed. I have been telling my friends all about it but Mom figured we should let the parents know too. Anything you wanted to say Mom? 

Hello friends, Mom (Ashley) here, I'm with Audrey 100% on this one. This is one of the best preschool age devotionals I have seen. It is full of easy to understand lessons, and verses in translations perfect for little ones to start learning to memorize! Andrey isn't shy about talking to people about books she likes but this one in particular has her chatting up a storm in the bookstore on Sunday to her little friends. She even encourages them to read it in the morning and evening, so you know so the lessons stick. 

Here’s an added bonus for all you 80's-90's kids, the illustrations are done by Elena Kucharik. Don't remember her? I didn't either but she was the artist for Care Bears! So if you like me, grew up watching cute bears shoot rainbows out of their tummies on Saturday mornings you will enjoy seeing the illustrations as well. 

We all know the importance of reading to our children, and teaching them to appreciate reading and the written word but WHAT they are reading is so important! Devotionals like this that add to their time in the word with us are the prefect tools to help build that foundation of loving and wanting to dig into Gods word each day. Audrey, do you have anything to add before we go? 

Be sure you get a good bookmark, so you don't lose your place...and don't forget to...

Eat, Play, Read!