Review-What Grieving People Wish You Knew

As the wife of a pastor, I've been in the position of not knowing what to say or do in the face of grief more times than I can count. Nancy Guthrie has written a book that is for anyone who has ever felt that way, and really, who hasn't? In What Grieving People Wish You Knew, Guthrie helps us hear the heart and heartache of those who grieve, and lead the way for us to respond in compassion, comfort and companionship.

Practical suggestions are what we want, and those are what we get but first we receive insight into the most important thing-how and when to say and do for the grieving. This was critical for me, as a woman who believes in the truth of God's word but never wants to sound trite or think that a verse, no matter how true, has the capacity in itself to comfort everyone in every situation. The importance of our presence, our listening ear and helping hands are every bit as much a comfort. 

I appreciated the many quotes from people who shared what helped and what didn't, and came away with a better understanding of how important it is to know that there is no formula, it is only coming alongside in compassion that really helps. That will look different for everyone, and that is the beauty of this book. In the moments you and I are not faced with the heartache of someone, we can absorb principles and practices that we can draw on for individual people and their individual grief. 

All that was great for me, the pastor's wife, but this book went far beyond that in my life. The last five years have brought my own experience with this kind of grief, and this book comforted me, as I read how others responded to loss, particularly long after the loss had occurred. There isn't anyone who doesn't need to read this book, since we all will at some point be in the position of standing with someone and wondering what we can or should say or do in the face of their grief. What Grieving People Wish You Knew is a book that will equip you and bless you.  

Read well, friends