Review-God Made All of Me by Justin and Lindsey Holcomb

As a Mom, I'm amazed and horrified at how many of my peers have personally dealt with sexual abuse at the hands of family members, family friends or neighbors. Shame and body insecurities along with negative views of sex and marriage are permanent scars that they now bear. Naturally, as parents, whether you suffered this personally or not, we want to protect our children and one of the best ways to do this is by educating them. 

God Made All Of Me is a book for parents first. While it looks like a kids book and you do read it to them, it's really a resource for parents of young children to introduce the topic of their bodies an how to protect them. In easy to understand language we guide our children through the story of David and Kayla as their parents talk to them about their bodies. We learn the correct language to use if someone wants to touch us, we learn what is and isn't appropriate touch, what areas are private and what are for sharing and that at the end of the day God made them all...and said that it was good! 

As a mom, I appreciated the guide for parents that this book provided in learning what language to reinforce with my kids, what terms to do away with and how to help them better understand their bodies. Something as simple as using correct names for private parts instead of "cute" nicknames for example, helps our children understand their bodies better as well as keeping them from feeling shame over any of them. Remember God made it all...and said that it was good. 

My daughter is 5 and we will be sharing this book with her. I personally think you could do it even younger than this. While there are other books out there for older kids that dig deeper into these topics I love this option for your pre-school early elementary age kids. However, with all parenting books and resources I always offer this bit of one knows your child like you do. PRAY and seek the Lord for what is appropriate to share and when to share it with your child. That being said, as a mom who wants to see all of our kids grow up happy, healthy and with a Godly understanding of the wonderful bodies he's given them, this is my pick.