Review: Tranquility: A Prayer and Reflection Coloring Journal & Inspire: Psalms 

It isn’t a secret that the second Lady of Lit is the artistically gifted one among the three ladies. I, the first lady, am the reason the reason adult coloring industry was invented. That is why I have not one, not two not three but FOUR books from Tyndale that I am excited to share with you. Included are affiliate links should you care to click through and purchase, which if you didn’t know, helps three ladies out a bit. 

The first is Tranquility: A Prayer and Reflection Coloring Journal. This journal is from the same collection as the Gratitude: A Prayer and Praise Coloring Journal we reviewed here. A charmingly illustrated hardback, this journal has all features you need for a refreshing, creative pause for prayer. 40 prayers are spread throughout, covering topics like not just speaking to the Lord, but also listening, along with dealing with trials, cultivating thankfulness and more. Room to journal your own responses and prayers, along with over 100 designs to inspire your own creativity make this a book I like to grab and spend a few minutes with throughout the day, rather than just in my morning devotional time. 

This isn’t a book on prayer, or a devotional with deep theological and practical insights, but something for a sweet break to relax over scripture, refocus in prayer and delight in the beauty of illustration made more beautiful as you add color.  I’m really enjoying this collection by Tyndale, they make great gifts for young women all the way up to, well, the more mature among us. 

The second book has become part of my summer devotions, and it is Inspire: Psalms. The NLT Inspire Bible is a journaling Bible that incorporates images to color along with lined margins to journal. Inspire: Psalms is the same format, with the entire book of Psalms in the New Living Translation and in addition to the margins and images, verses throughout the Psalms are highlighted in beautiful fonts for you to color or highlight. It is an oversized 9.25 x 9.25 square book, and the publisher describe the paper as “thicker, uncoated art paper, befitting of popular coloring books, which limits bleed-through and allows for use of even more markers, supplies, and techniques for coloring and creative journaling.” Because while Crayola pencils are this ladies choice, I know some of you favor pens and even watercolors for your creative expression, and you will appreciate this upgrade to the paper. 

Most of all, you will love the beauty of the Word of God, with room to note your thoughts, your prayers, and maybe even your own illustrations alongside the images and fonts that has made Inspire: Psalms a favorite part of my summer devotions. Coming soon is Inspire: Proverbs. Since I’m a big fan of reading the chapter of Proverbs that corresponds to the date, I can’t wait for this one. 

Creativity and inspiration go hand in hand in all these resources, I hope you’ll consider trying something new if you haven’t done the coloring thing yet. Perfect for the beach or pool, the porch at sunset and oh, don’t forget it’s almost gift buying season-can you believe it? Check these out and remember-

Read well, friends. 

***I received complimentary copy of the Tranquility Journal from Tyndale House Publishing for review, I spent money on the others-good stuff!***