Review-She Reads Truth App

I'm a visual person. That's why things like Pinterest and journaling/coloring bibles are totally up my alley. So when I started seeing people post these beautiful pictures with scripture on them and a little "She Reads Truth" watermark in the corner I was intrigued. After I looked into it I found that not only does She Reads Truth have awesome lock screens and downloads for those spiritual and encouraging Instagram posts we all love, they are actually responsible for much more! 

Via the website here is what She Reads Truth is all about... 

"She Reads Truth started as a small group of strangers on the internet who wanted to be more intentional about reading God’s Word. What began as a casual conversation is now an entire community of women all over the world in pursuit of Jesus. God’s Word is a gift, and reading it is a privilege. She Reads Truth cheers on ministries whose mission is to reach the unreached with their very first Bibles. Our mission is to invite the already-reached to reach for their Bibles—every day. It is our joy to open the living and active Word of God with you daily, to find the gospel of Jesus Christ on every page."

So to break it down, the community of She Reads Truth goes through a new study each month or so, and they vary in length. You can purchase plans online and be sent a tangible book or you can follow along online. Online you have the bonus of being able to join in discussions at the end of each reading with other ladies. The plans can also be purchased and used for a small group study setting. So that's the gist of it.  BUT here's what I really want to talk about today...the app. 

I'm usually not the tech person, that's my moms thing. I don't use my kindle that much, I prefer actual books and I don't believe in bringing my bible on my phone to church. If you're that person that's cool but I like watches that only tell me what time it is and books with pages. So if I'm talking to you about an app you know I must really like it! While I could try and explain this myself I'm going to leave it to the professionals...

From the App: The She Reads Truth Bible + Devotional app allows women from around the world and all places in life to connect with God's Word and each other, anytime and anywhere. Whether your Truth time comes in the early morning before the world wakes, a 30-minute lunch break at your desk, or in the middle of the night with a newborn baby in your arms—the She Reads Truth app brings your quiet (or not so quiet!) time to YOU, right where you are. 

This app designed with you in mind—to give you (and your friends!) a beautiful, functional and accessible Bible-reading and devotional tool in the palm of your hands. The app features—

• Gorgeous, user-friendly layout and design
• Full-text Bible (with more translations coming soon!)
• Free and paid devotional reading plans, with new content added daily
• Bookmarking, journaling and sharing capability
• Real-time commenting that syncs with the She Reads Truth web site
• Beautiful, shareable images featuring content from the daily scripture and devotional readings
• Free, downloadable scripture lock screens for your phone (an excellent tool for scripture memorization!)
• In-app camera with free photo overlays
• Customizable notifications to remind you to read Truth at your ideal time of day
• Free "Bible In A Year" reading plan
• Bible search function
• Settings for font size, preferred Bible translation, red letter function, and nighttime display


Sounds impressive doesn't it? To be honest when I first downloaded this I didn't get into it like I thought I would but then later in life when I had my second baby and started my small business this became a great tool for me to stay in the word daily. There are plenty of free plans to try and the paid ones are less than my dirty chai latte. So every month or so I skip a drink  and download a paid plan. I personally haven't purchased any of the hard copy plans or the She Reads Truth Bible yet but believe me I have a few saved to my wishlist.

Each plan is filled with a balanced combination of Gods word and great commentary from the various She Reads Truth contributors. Having a daily reading picked out each day helps me to stay on track and focused and like I said before, I totally dig the scripture pictures at the end of each day. I have a plethora of them saved on my phone as reminders of what I've been reading. 

Maybe you are one of those people who gets up every morning and sits in a comfy chair and reads her bible and journals and spends an hour studying in quiet solitude. I remember those days fondly. But I'm in a season where no matter how early I get up the kids are up ten seconds later, there are two hundred things to do before 7:00 a.m. and my daughter literally never stops talking. Literally. Unless she's sleeping. Despite all of that, spending time in Gods word each day is something that can't be pushed to the side so if you're in a season where you need a little extra structure or the convenience of being able to whip out your phone while you wait in the pick up line at school or in the waiting room at the dentist I say give this app a try!

Have you used this app? I would love to hear if you have and what plans have been your favorite! Leave us a comment below. 

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