Review-Dad, Does God Exist? By Charlie H. Campbell


Hi everyone, it's Audrey and I want to tell you about the latest book my Gigi bought me! It's Dad, Does God Exist by Charlie H. Campbell. I have heard my mom and Gigi talk about Charlie before and how he has a ton of amazing Cd's, DVDs and books on Apologetics. I didn't exactly know what apologetics was and honestly I'm still a little confused but Mom explained that this book was a good starting point for a curious kid (a five year old kid to be precise) like myself. Dad, Does God Exist, opens with Sarah being told by a classmate that God isn't real! I know God is real but I was surprised when my mom told me that not everyone believes that! We started talking about how I would probably meet other kids that don't believe in God too and what I should do if they tell me He isn't real. Charlie's book did a great job explaining some of the reasons I can be sure that God does exsist and that even though my friends or classmates my not agree I can be confident and know that my God is real. Mom even said that I can be praying for and lovingly sharing these things with my friends and classmates who don't believe in God too and that maybe they will change their minds and believe in Him! Either way at the end of the day I can rest easy knowing that my God is real and He's always with me. Anything to add mom? 

Only that as a mom, issues like teaching our kids how to defend their faith and to stand confidently in it as others would seek to tear it down is something that I have literally lain awake at night thinking about. Charlie's book is one of those resources that is the perfect jumping off point for parents to take their young school aged children through to help them start to navigate through relationships and interactions with kids who don't believe what they believe. It's not as easy as just picking up and reading one book with them. As parents we need to be pouring into our children truths they can cling to, answering the hard questions and above all modeling the example of loving our neighbors despite what they believe and seeking to share with them the truth in love. I love watching Audrey talk about Jesus to other people because she doesn't have the same fears we do as adults, she only knows that God is real, Jesus is in her heart and she wants you to have Him too!

If you have a school aged young one at home and are looking for a way to help build that confidence in their faith, consider grabbing a copy of Dad, Does God Exist? 

So Audrey, anything else to add?  

No I'm busy trying to explain to Declan how even though we can't see God it doesn't mean He's not there. 

Hmmm, well he's 18 months old Audrey, he may not understand it just yet. 

That's ok Mom I'll pray for him. 

Sounds good!


-Eat Play Read 



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