Review-Everyone A Child Should Know

As the mom of a kindergartner, last summer I joined countless other moms out there in googling "Everything your child needs to know before starting kindergarten". Like most Internet searches relating to your children upbringing, I was met with government standards, state standards, county standards, people's professional opinion, people's unprofessional opinion and conspiracy theories. After slamming down my laptop lid, I got up to reheat my coffee for the umpteenth time that morning. I then looked at my daughter who was playing outside on the porch with her little brother, completely content in her little world and thought to myself "What does she REALLY need" 


Oh, I knew the answer to that already and I think you do to. As Christian parents we know that the most important thing in our littles lives is something they aren't going to learn in a classroom. Rather it's the model of Christ and His love that we set before them in our homes. Now, don't worry, I did get Audrey enrolled in school, and she isn't radically behind. In fact school isn't even the point of this post. The point is to introduce you to a new resource for parents to help in pointing ours kids to Jesus by introducing them to some of histories great heroes of the faith. 


In Everyone A Child Should Know by Clare Heath-Whyte we are introduced to 52 Christians from all walks of life who lived for Jesus. From missionaries, to martyrs, writers and politicians our kids will not only get a history lesson but will be inspired and pointed to Jesus. Did you catch the 52 thing? Conveniently (cause parents love us something convenient! Can I get an Amen?) this book is designed to fill an entire year, one person per week. Consider picking a night each week, sitting down and reading one chapter, then try to bring it up in conversation throughout the week. We started this process with Audrey and are loving it. 

From a reviewers point of view (not just an overly excited mom who loves history) this book is bringing its "A" game. Fun illustrations engage our young readers and it boasts an impressive collection of subjects, here's just a handful...



C.S Lewis; Katie Luther; Anne Bradstreet; John Bunyan; Jim and Elizabeth Elliot; Mary Jones; Susanna Wesley; Mary Slessor and Hudson Taylor and the list goes on and on. 

So if you are looking to start a new family activity this year that helps point your littles to Jesus, and encourages every ones faith be sure to check out Everyone a Child Should Know by Clare Heath-Whyte. 

Carpe Librum!


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