Review: What Every Child Should Know About Prayer by Nancy Guthrie

Hi everyone, it’s Audrey here! Today I wanted to share about a new book that my Gigi just got me. I’m used to books coming in the mail, we are after all The Three Ladies of Lit, but I get extra excited when my mom and Gigi tell me a package is for me. Last week I checked the mail and there was that book shaped package and this time it was for ME! Inside was a beautiful hardback (fancy!) book What Every Child Should Know About Prayer by Nancy Guthrie.


Do you remember the book I reviewed awhile ago, Everyone A Child Should Know by Clare Heath-Whyte and illustrated by Jenny Brake? Well, this book looks an awful lot like that book and my mom explained to me that Jenny Brake partnered with Nancy Guthrie to do the illustrations for this book! The way this book looks though is just one part of what makes it super duper cool. Its job is to teach me all about prayer, and there is A LOT of stuff to learn about prayer! Each chapter is only a page long (which mom says is awesome but she’ll explain that later) and is about a different part of prayer. I knew prayer was super important but this book has been teaching me so many other cool things! Mom do you want to jump in?

Thanks Audrey! Hey my fellow Lit Lovers, well we can all thank Gigi for finding this gem for us. I love me a book that teaches our littles the fundamentals of our faith and include beautiful illustrations. It’s a home run for this mama. What Every Child Should Know About Prayer is a must have for our kids. Divided into six different sections comprised of a handful of one page topics this book takes us from “Why God wants us to pray” all the way through the purpose, power and history of prayer, before wrapping up with a section called “Let’s Pray”. Where we go through how to pray for other people, to be more like Jesus, and how to set up time to pray each day. I don’t know about you but prayer is probably the area that I struggle with most. Reading my Bible daily, no problem but devoting quiet and consistent time for prayer can be so hard as life gets crazy. As parents though not only do we need to cultivate this discipline in our own lives we need to model it for our little ones. This book is not only a fantastic tool for teaching your kids but will also encourage you to press in and make sure you are setting this example in your home! Nothing like a kids book to do a little gentle convicting. As far as age group goes, Audrey and I say ages 4-7. Audrey, any closing thoughts?

I forgot to mention it comes with a pretty satin ribbon book mark, like Mom’s Bible, so I don’t lose my place. I really hate losing my place so that was exciting. OH and I’m supposed to tell you that you can click the link below for purchase options from our affiliate Amazon. (Still not sure what that means, but Mom says don’t forget)

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What Every Child Should Know About Prayer by Nancy Guthrie

ISBN 978-1912373284

10Publishing, August 6, 2018

144 pages 

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