Review: Bathed In Prayer by Jan Karon

I won, I won! I won a book I was longing to read, (thank you Putnam and Penguin) and if you buy yourself a copy, you’ll be a winner, too, even though you have to pay for it.  Jan Karon, author of the three ladies very favorite novel series has a new book any Mitford fan will love. Bathed in Prayer: Father Tim’s Prayers, Sermons and Reflections is a lovely compilation of those faith filled, inspiring, consoling and encouraging passages from the entire Mitford series. 

The book opens with  Jan sharing the start of her early (very early) career as a writer, the missing piece she felt in her life until she came to know Christ, and how the Mitford series came to be. She ends her introduction to the book with an exhortation to bathe in prayer, ourselves, friends and family, our work and our enemies. Come boldly, she declares! 

The book is divided in sections of the by the individual Mitford books, and follows the chronology of events in each one. Every entry has a title or short paragraph to give context to the text, and readers of the series will find fresh enjoyment by focusing on the spiritual aspects of the story. 

My very favorite is from At Home in Mitford, in chapter 11, when Father Tim finds a desperate man searching for answers in the empty church. After Father Tim shares with him, the man prays to surrender his life to Jesus. My sister, after she read this passage in the original book years ago, told me that she prayed that prayer, too. At her memorial, I had the story read as part of the service, sharing how meaningful it was to both my sister and me and how I had comfort in knowing I’d see her again.  Someone surrenders to Christ in every book of the series, making them not only a joy to read but life changing for some. 

This is a great bedtime read, to soften the edges of the day, or to pick up and read a few pages during an afternoon break. A compilation of the best of Mitford’s inspiration, Bathed in Prayer is what your soul needs. 

Read well, friends. 

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Bathed in Prayer by Jan Karon 

ISBN 9780525537554

Putnam, October 2018

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