Review- Unseen Companion: God With The Single Mother

I have a friend who is passionate about something that I think is crazy. She loves to hike, as do I, but she does the kinds of hikes where you are out in the wilderness for several weeks ALONE. I do the kind of hikes where you can easily swing into a good burger joint afterwards and be home by dark. Despite saying I think she is crazy, I’m actually really envious of her bravery and skill. As an introvert I sure don’t mind alone time, but what she does brings a new meaning to alone. Some of us choose to be alone, and some of us would have never expected the alone we find ourselves in. And a lot of the latter are single moms.

In Unseen Companion: God With the Single Mother, Michelle Lynn Senter speaks to the sometimes overwhelming sense of aloneness a woman lives with when she is the sole parent. A single parent herself for 8 years, and the founder of SEEN, a ministry for single mothers, Senter writes from a place of compassion, encouragement and understanding for unique trials that face single moms.


The book opens with a section called Longing for Home and we start to learn a little of Senter’s story. She writes with candor about the struggles she faced in trying to build a home for herself and her daughters out of the shambles of their life, but this is not a memoir-her experiences give you the sense she identifies with your struggles, and don’t dominate the book.

One of the key scriptures of the book is Psalm 127:1, “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. After struggling to make a list of the things that needed to be fixed in her life and struggling to accomplish that, Senter finally arrived at the truth that unless she was looking to and relying on God, she was building in vain. Each section of the book follows the theme of building a home, God’s way: The Foundation, The Framework, the Walls, etc. What Senter does well in this book is put the emphasis on knowing and
trusting the Builder, our identity in Christ and applying that to all areas of our life. Unfolding truths from scripture in a concise and accessible style, this book is light on platitudes and technique and solid in pointing the reader the one true source of help.

Every chapter has a section titled Homebuilding 101 with questions to help you apply the biblical teaching and practical suggestions in the chapter, and a section called Building a Legacy of Faith, for mom to do with her children. In the back are helpful and practical sections-Scriptures for the Single Mother that are arranged by topic, scriptures that remind us of our identity in Christ, and How to Read the Bible. This is an easy read, perfect for a busy and overwhelmed mom. Through it all, there is the gentle reminder that you are never alone continues to encourage and give hope.

Whatever circumstances brought aloneness to your or your friend or sister’s life, this book is a useful resource to help grasp the truth that in Christ, we are never truly alone, and we always have with us the help and hope of an Unseen Companion.

Read well, friends.


Unseen Companion: God With the Single Mother by Michelle Lynn Senter
Moody Press, 2017
235 pages, including study resources.

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