Review-Lies Women Believe-Updated & Expanded Edition

Are you new here? Maybe haven’t taken the grand tour of the site yet? If you haven’t explored the part of the site titled Categories, you probably haven’t seen The Lists. That is where you will find the recommended resources we provide at our churches annual women’s retreat. Some years the retreat theme is well represented in the list, some years not so much but every year’s list is full of previewed, prayed over resources we hope you will find to be profitable reads. 

Last year’s list included something new.  In addition to our usual categories, we asked a select group of wise and godly women who were in different seasons of life this question-“If you had a list of a few books every Christian woman should read, what would be on it?” Some of the titles they recommended were listed by multiple women as books that influenced them greatly. 

Lies Women Believe and the Truths That Set Them Free was one of those books, and a particular favorite of two of the ladies of lit. In fact, both of us have read it more than once. Or twice. Okay, multiple times. Originally released in 2001, an updated and expanded edition has just been released. If you read the original, you will find even more value in the new edition! Read on to find out why. 

First though, the goal of the book is to identify things Christian women believe that are not God’s truth but lies from the enemy to shackle our walk with God and stunt our spiritual growth. Working from the premise that what we believe directs how we behave, the book list 45 lies women often believe that are contrary to what scripture actually teaches. Arranged in chapters by topic, the influence of each lie is exposed when we see the consequence of living a life directed by the lie, and not the Lord. 

The books first section begins with the account of the first deception in the Garden of Eden, we first learn about our vulnerability to deception, then the progression from deception to spiritual bondage. This section is key to helping us identify the lies we believe as we progress through the book as well as helping us respond to the truth. 

The second section outlines the lies. Each one of these lies could be the topic of a whole book, and the author is clear that this isn’t an exhaustive look at the variations and consequences of each lie. I think of it as Truth Application 101-this is the fundamental truth on topics that give you the foundation to build on as you apply God’s word to your own life. Each chapter ends with a summary of the lie, and the scriptural truth that will set us free. 

You are going to squirm when you read this book. I remember the first time I read the original 20 years ago and at the heading of many sections saying to myself, “That’s totally a lie, I’m definitely not influenced by that”. By the end of some of the sections I’d be deeply repentant when I discovered I may say I didn’t believe it but I sure lived like I did. 

You may also squirm because you may not agree what is presented as a lie is contrary to the word of God. Hey, keep squirming and press into the Lord through prayer and further study of the scriptures. That isn’t just my advice (which, btw, I’ve had to put into practice throughout the book) but it’s the advice of the author, who though she may share a personal conviction from time to time, seeks to have everything she presents supported by scripture. If you disagree with her, you need to go to the Bible yourself to allow God to work out His will for you in that area. Growth and freedom is the objective here, and that’s how we obtain it. In fact, her generous spirit and lack of legalism comes through loud and clear, she isn’t pointing you toward religious tasks but spiritual freedom.  

Why do you want to read this edition if you read it years ago? When Nancy Leigh DeMoss wrote LWB in 2001, she was a never married women in her early 40’s with many years of experience walking with the Lord and in ministry. In 2018, both life and ministry experience has continued to grow, as well as new insights as a now married woman. In the preface of the new book, she explains that part of her desire to update the book is because of God’s grace and her own growth and understanding, “there are some things I would say differently today than I did back then.” Wouldn’t we all 20 years later? There is also a new chapter on sexuality, and new content dealing with influences like social media and technology that wasn’t present when the original book was written. 

The world has changed since 2001, but God’s truth has not. Neither has the intention of the enemy to deceive and through this important resource we can be made aware of his lies and replace them with the truth that sets us free. There is also an updated study guide, I did the original study and the new one will be a summer project for me.  Jesus said that the truth will set us free, so pursue more and more of that freedom by taking a fresh look at Lies Women Believe. 


Read well, friends! 


Lies Women Believe Updated and Expanded by Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth

Isbn: 978-0802418364

Moody Publishers, 2018

320 pages 


Lies Women Believe Study Guide Updated

Isbn: 978-0802414984

Moody Publishers, 2018

144 pages 


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