Review-Great & Small Keepsake Bible


It's spring and maybe you haven't noticed but this is the time of year when the wedding shower and baby shower invitations start filling up the mailbox. I'm a firm believer in sticking to the registry (they make it for a reason after all) when buying for these occasions but I do like to include something a little personal. So while I'm all for getting you the six pack of pacifiers in pink rose or the set of organic baby bibs with hipster sayings, today I'm sharing my latest find that will make any Mama-to-be swoon. 

The Great and Small Keepsake Bible is a beautiful hardback Bible featuring the complete text in the Christian Standard translation, which is quickly becoming a fave of mine. Featured throughout are beautiful illustrations accompanied by scripture and sections for mom and dad to fill out as they read. Things like the day we met you, first holiday memories, milestones, and prayers for baby. 


As someone who has been a new mommy can I just say this is a truly special gift. Anyone who has had a baby will testify as to how exhausting and overwhelming it is and how keeping that time in the word is essential. This Bible gives mama an opportunity to take time each day, wash herself in the scriptures and take a moment to focus on this precious season with new baby. Momentarily getting her mind off how tired she is, forgetting the laundry for a second, ignoring the dishes and remembering how amazing this little gift of life is. It's the perfect addition to accompany her in that first year of parenting. 

So whether you are an expecting mama or you have a stack of baby shower invitations on your desk and you want to add that personal touch to your gift, be sure to check out the Great & Small Keepsake Bible today! 


Carpe Librum!


The Great & Small Keepsake Bible

Isbn: 978-1-4627-7766-2

Holman Bible Publishers, 2017 

1108 pages 




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