Review: The Case for Christianity Answer Book by Lee Strobel

I have a lot of questions. All the time. About everything. Sometimes it might even sound like I’m arguing, but what I’m really after is the best answer to my questions. Questions matter, and so does the quality of the answer. 

Questions about spirituality are high on the list of most people at one time in their life or another. Those are important questions, and the answers to them have implications far beyond what a person might expect. While divine help in the short term might motivate the question, what a person does with the answer has eternal consequence. 


These are things that author Lee Strobel began to consider when his wife became a Christian. A confirmed atheist, journalist Strobel set out with his questions to get answers from Christian scholars that would prove his wife wrong, or establish his own faith in Christ. Guess what happened? 

Yep, the guy became a Jesus follower, and has written a number of books to help others know what the important questions to ask are, as well as directing them to the quality answers their questions deserve. 

In The Case for Christianity Answer Book, sixty common questions are asked and answered.  All of the answers in this book are abridged from the more complete treatment of the topic in Strobel’s various books, which he references in the footnotes. Beginning with a prelude about seeking spiritual answers, he sets both the format for the book and the trajectory for acquiring answers. After offering practical advice on how to seek spiritual answers, he follows up with a challenge to keep an open mind-much as a jury is required to set aside preconceived ideas and prejudices and being “required to be open-minded and fair, drawing your conclusions from the facts and not your whims and prejudices.” Urging us to consider credibility of witnesses, testimonies and evidence, we can reach reasoned and logical conclusions. 

From there, the book provides answers relating to questions about God as creator, the Bible, Jesus and questions like “Why does God allow tragedy and suffering?” which is almost every skeptics number one question. He wraps up with a postlude of helpful suggestions for turning answers into action. Recommended resources, which include as you might guess, six of Lee Strobel’s own books, as well as other resources, are a helpful addition. 

This book is almost a sampler of his other books, each of which deal with their topics in an in-depth manner with interviews of scholars presented in a very digestible format.  Instead of just quoting his interviewee’s all the time, he includes their conversation, turning what might be dry facts into ah-ha moments. Something I’ve always appreciated about his books is the way that they are written for the person who doesn’t really want to study physics, or obtain a degree in Biblical Hebrew, but still wants an informative answer. Through his interviews with accomplished scholars, the person seeking more information now have has a source through cited resources. 

This book has over 200 pages but it is in gift book format-half the size of a regular paperback, with each entry just a few pages. I’m a big fan of question/answer books, this one isn’t the most comprehensive one but it is a great starting place for the skeptic or the person of faith with the questions we all have at some point. It could be helpful for the graduate in your life, the newer believer or just as a fresh look at common questions for yourself. Knowing what we believe and why is essential to our spiritual growth, and The Case for Christianity Answer Book is a great tool you’ll enjoy using. 

Read well, friends


The Case for Christianity Answer Book by Lee Strobel

Isbn 9780310339557

Zondervan, 2014


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