Review-Our Newlywed Kitchen


When I was young, my friend’s older sisters all seem to have hope chests. Do you remember those? Usually a large cedar chest, young women and their moms would begin to stash away things for the girls someday household, so when she married she would have linens or other things to set up her house. Do girls keep a hope chest anymore? I hope so. 

Our Newlywed Kitchen seeks to bring back a little of that hope chest preparation a mother passes on to her daughter who is getting ready for marriage. Focused on the kitchen only, this large and beautifully photographed book has practical features as well as inspiration. 

* Pages to Personalize: blank pages for prayers, advice from family and friends, recipe cards. 

* Registry Pre-Shop Lists: not only suggestions for what you need but information on the differences in the types of key items such as cookware, tableware, and bakeware. 

* Tips on pantry and meal planning, hosting gatherings and making new traditions. 

Our Newlywed Kitchen is for the bride-to-be that loves books, knows she can find everything on the internet but loves having a tangible reminder of a journey. It is meant to be a letter from a mother to a daughter, sharing advice, stories and experiences. In fact, you may find more comprehensive check lists and kitchen recommendations online, but this book is meant to focus more than how many kitchen knives you need. It seeks to inspire a more thoughtful consideration the benefits and blessings of the fruits of the kitchen, from cooking and cleaning up with your spouse to entertaining family and friends. 

That is what will make this book a meaningful part of a new bride’s bookshelf. The pre-wedding portion of the book is the smallest part, it’s the rest of the book that will inspire a view of the kitchen and its gifts that will bless a marriage and make the kitchen fun. 

A great gift for a bridal shower or a hope chest, Our Newlywed Kitchen is a sweet reminder that a kitchen is more than tools and table settings, it’s an expression of love. 

Read well, friends! 


Our Newlywed Kitchen: The Art of Cooking, Gathering and Creating Traditions

Tyndale House Publishers, 2018 

ISBN 9781589979451


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