Review: The Essential Jonathan Edwards by Strachan & Sweeney

I know that you, like me, often sit around and ask yourself questions like “Just who IS America’s greatest theologian?” 

No? Fine, me either. But listen, here is something to think about for a moment. This country is so blessed with amazing religious liberty, a rich history of the Christian church and continuing move of God, how did it get that way? Who were the men and women God used to grow and shape His work in America? 

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Review-Everyone A Child Should Know

As the mom of a kindergartner, last summer I joined countless other moms out there in googling "Everything your child needs to know before starting kindergarten". Like most Internet searches relating to your children upbringing, I was met with government standards, state standards, county standards, people's professional opinion, people's unprofessional opinion and conspiracy theories. After slamming down my laptop lid, I got up to reheat my coffee for the umpteenth time that morning. I then looked at my daughter who was playing outside on the porch with her little brother, completely content in her little world and thought to myself "What does she REALLY need"

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