Review: Born to Wander by Michelle Van Loon 

You may have heard the line from J.R. Tolkien’s Fellowship of the Ring that says “Not all those who wander are lost.” I was in a Sportsman’s Warehouse lately, and all the wandering men in there were clearly not lost, but in some form of camo heaven. I’m not sure that’s what Tolkien meant, but wandering isn’t always a directionless and purposeless. In fact, for the children of God, wandering is part of what we are born to do. 

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Review: Suffering by Paul David Tripp

If you’ve never read Paul David Tripp, let me assure you, he has a book for you. Wide ranging topics benefit from his wisdom, be it parenting, marriage, pastoral ministry, grief, devotional, or general spiritual growth. In his newest release the subject is one he is intimately acquainted with. Suffering: Gospel Hope When Life Doesn’t Make Sense is a book that deals with a freshly personal topic for Tripp, with great insight for all of us. 

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Review-Lies Women Believe-Updated & Expanded Edition

Are you new here? Maybe haven’t taken the grand tour of the site yet? If you haven’t explored the part of the site titled Categories, you probably haven’t seen The Lists. That is where you will find the recommended resources we provide at our churches annual women’s retreat. Some years the retreat theme is well represented in the list, some years not so much but every year’s list is full of previewed, prayed over resources we hope you will find to be profitable reads. 

Last year’s list included something new.  In addition to our usual categories, we asked a select group of wise and godly women who were in different seasons of life this question-“If you had a list of a few books every Christian woman should read, what would be on it?” Some of the titles they recommended were listed by multiple women as books that influenced them greatly. 

Lies Women Believe and the Truths That Set Them Free was one of those books, and a particular favorite of two of the ladies of lit. In fact, both of us have read it more than once. Or twice. Okay, multiple times. Originally released in 2001, an updated and expanded edition has just been released. If you read the original, you will find even more value in the new edition! Read on to find out why. 

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Review- Unseen Companion: God With The Single Mother

I have a friend who is passionate about something that I think is crazy. She loves to hike, as do I, but she does the kinds of hikes where you are out in the wilderness for several weeks ALONE. I do the kind of hikes where you can easily swing into a good burger joint afterwards and be home by dark. Despite saying I think she is crazy, I’m actually really envious of her bravery and skill. As an introvert I sure don’t mind alone time, but what she does brings a new meaning to alone. Some of us choose to be alone, and some of us would have never expected the alone we find ourselves in. And a lot of the latter are single moms.

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Review-Kiss the Wave: Embracing God in Your Trials by Dave Furman 

If you are of a certain age you may remember the intro to the Wide World of Sports, a program I loved to watch with my dad every weekend. The intro included the tag line “the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat” while showing footage of a ski jumper crashing in a heap on the ramp. It was sort of agony to watch that crash, you could almost feel the pain of the jumper. It was then that I determined ski jumping was one sport I would never attempt. I did however, take up equine sports which have their fill of agony so it’s not like I avoided pain. 

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Review-What Grieving People Wish You Knew

As the wife of a pastor, I've been in the position of not knowing what to say or do in the face of grief more times than I can count. Nancy Guthrie has written a book that is for anyone who has ever felt that way, and really, who hasn't? In What Grieving People Wish You Knew, Guthrie helps us hear the heart and heartache of those who grieve, and lead the way for us to respond in compassion, comfort and companionship.

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