Review: Bread of Angels by Tessa Afshar

Everybody loves a story, so the infamous “they” say.  I suppose that is true, as long as it’s a good story, with compelling characters, interesting plotline and mostly satisfying ending. Good stories are harder to write than most people think, and as a reader, bad stories are even harder to read. Here’s what I know from 20 years of selling books-people often disagree over whether a book is a good story. 

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Review-The Masterpiece by Francine Rivers

I don’t know about you, but I have been known to get into a bit of reading rut. In my other life away from Three Ladies, I oversee a small (very small) church bookstore whose policy is to review the material we sell. That, my friends, means I do more reading than the average person. The blessing is that I regularly read essentially every genre of Christian book that you would find in a bookstore. The struggle? I regularly read essentially every genre of Christian book that you would find in a bookstore. 

Except fiction. 

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Review-Shepherds Abiding/ Amazon Audible

It’s finally December and while no snow has flown in Northern Arizona yet, temperatures have definitely fallen. Then end of this week will bring another Three Ladies reunion, some pre-Christmas festivities and a reason for the very warm coat I just scored at Eddie Bauer. 

I often think I don’t enjoy the build up to the holiday as much as I should. We have a few birthdays we won’t celebrate since those we love went to be with the Lord, and time hasn’t lessened that loss yet. It’s busy, sometimes frantically so, and while some people thrive on that, this eldest lady doesn’t. With the coming of December, I decided on a purposeful advent practice. As part of that, though not the traditional calendar or devotional, is something I think deserves a place on our list of…

“Things People Wish You Would Buy Them for Christmas!”

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Review-Where the Light Falls-A Novel of the French Revolution by Allison and Owen Pataki AND a Giveaway! 

By now you should be ready for another summer read, I know I am. My lounge chair in the yard hasn’t seen much action since we enclosed our porch, it’s where you can find me most of the time I’m at home. I use the term “we” very loosely, since my contribution was saying, “Hey, we should enclose this porch.” Ashley and I arrived home from our women’s retreat (here’s the book list) to find our husbands had done the job in less than a weekend! It’s my favorite reading/crocheting/coloring spot in the house, what’s yours? 

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