Now that I have your attention because of my silly yet accurate description of what this post is about, let's talk about buying books! 

We are blessed at Calvary Vista to have a bookstore right in our building filled with a lot of the titles you see here on the blog. We know that not all of you have access to a Christian store, so for our readers who don't we have some exciting news!

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Sip, Read, Repeat

It's that time again. Summer is coming and I just bought my first of many bottles of Moroccan Mint Iced Tea from Trader Joes. As is my habit in the time between my churches woman's retreat and the start of Summer (Which in my book is June 1st) I begin compiling my summer reading list. Now as you know the Three Ladies of Lit are always reading, but in the summer we do try to make a point of setting aside time for non work related reading if you will. A lot of times we take the summer to re-read books or books that are purely just for fun and offer no profitability other than the fact that we enjoyed them by the pool. However, as we know summer rarely meanders about and before you know it it's August and you are getting bombarded by back to school ads and Christmas decorations. So how do you decide what books make the cut for this precious season? That's exactly what I'm here to tell you today. I have a formula that I developed about three years back when it comes to picking books for my summer reading. It goes like this... one book to help me book to help me old classic. 

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What? Another Adventure? I'm In!

So this is a thing now. Yep, I'm on another launch team!

This time we'll be getting a sneak peek at the new book by Annie F. Downs, Looking for Lovely. Annie wrote a book that we had on our retreat list last year, Let's All Be Brave. It's a great young adult book, but as a not so young adult, I really enjoyed both the topic and Annie's writing.

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