Review: It’s All Under Control by Jennifer Dukes Lee

Almost every day I get a promo in my inbox that is for yet another book on being overwhelmed, overwrought, over busy, and not living the overcoming life. It’s a hot topic, and I just read an article on why time management strategies don’t work for most people over a long period of time. The short answer is that we don’t change the things we do, we just keep trying to manage the way we do them. In conclusion-we’re doing too many unnecessary things that keep us from being productive in the necessary things. 

And it’s making us crazy.  

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Review: In His Image by Jen Wilkin 

I’ve read a few books lately that have had a straightforwardness that I really appreciated. Maybe that doesn’t sound like the word that would entice you to pick up a book, maybe you’re looking for inspiring, or encouraging, or comforting, or relatable. In His Image: 10 Ways God Calls Us to Reflect His Character is the rare book that is all those things. 

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Review- Live Brilliantly: A Study in the Book of 1 John by Lenya Heitzig

Last night a friend with elementary age kids asked me “It feels like things should be slowing down since it’s summer, so why do I seem busier than ever?” Whether it is summer, or the holidays, or a time of transition, life’s shifts have a way of throwing us off our routines. Sometimes this is a good thing, when it brings positive change, other times, not so good things, when we neglect the important for the impatient pushiness of busy.  Even good things can push better things out of the way. I found myself in this very place a few months ago, and where I most felt its impact was in my devotional life. So here is what I did about it. 

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Review-Our Newlywed Kitchen

When I was young, my friend’s older sisters all seem to have hope chests. Do you remember those? Usually a large cedar chest, young women and their moms would begin to stash away things for the girls someday household, so when she married she would have linens or other things to set up her house. Do girls keep a hope chest anymore? I hope so. 

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Review- Why Her?

Sometimes in life things sneak up on you. I remember the first time that I read Grace for the Good Girl by Emily P Freeman. When I picked up this book I would never have categorized myself as a "Try hard" person. I thought for sure I understood Gods Grace and how to live in it. By chapter two I realized I was utterly wrong and I was in for a wild ride over the next chapters, that ultimately lead me to freedom from my "try hard" tendencies. 

When I picked up Why Her, 6 Truths We Need to hear When Measuring Up Leaves Us Falling Behind" I had the same thought. "I don't struggle with comparison. I know who I am, I'm content in my life." But alas like many books on the subject of our identity I came to find that this is an area I have struggled with, though not in the ways that you might think. It goes to show, you can't judge a book by its subtitle and you may be surprised what a little self examination will bring to light! 

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Review-Lies Women Believe-Updated & Expanded Edition

Are you new here? Maybe haven’t taken the grand tour of the site yet? If you haven’t explored the part of the site titled Categories, you probably haven’t seen The Lists. That is where you will find the recommended resources we provide at our churches annual women’s retreat. Some years the retreat theme is well represented in the list, some years not so much but every year’s list is full of previewed, prayed over resources we hope you will find to be profitable reads. 

Last year’s list included something new.  In addition to our usual categories, we asked a select group of wise and godly women who were in different seasons of life this question-“If you had a list of a few books every Christian woman should read, what would be on it?” Some of the titles they recommended were listed by multiple women as books that influenced them greatly. 

Lies Women Believe and the Truths That Set Them Free was one of those books, and a particular favorite of two of the ladies of lit. In fact, both of us have read it more than once. Or twice. Okay, multiple times. Originally released in 2001, an updated and expanded edition has just been released. If you read the original, you will find even more value in the new edition! Read on to find out why. 

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Review- Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full by Gloria Furman

The old saying goes "Never judge a book by it's cover", any bibliophile will tell you it's true. I'm going be honest, when I picked up this book I was 100% sure I was about to read 154 pages on how to maximize your quiet time with the Lord when you have screaming children pulling at you all day everyday. I expected practical advice on how to treasure that time and make it a priority. After the introduction I realized I was mistaken and in the best possible way.  

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