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Ashley "Carpe Librum"

Hello everyone I'm Ashley. So here is the part where I tell you a little something about me. First of all I'm married to Sebastion, the worlds most gracious, patient and handsome husband. I'm also mom to Audrey, the worlds most adorable, tenacious, curious and lovable little  girl, and Declan, her snuggly, handsome and mischievous litter brother. I have a fur baby name Jane, and yes, she's named after literary character Jane Bennett. Which brings me to my next bit of information…I LOVE reading. I grew up in a house where reading was what we did. Trips to the library started as soon as I could walk and I spent a good chunk of my youth helping my parents in our church bookstore. In a world with millions of books I was taught that not all books are created equal and to know the difference early in life. I was also taught to ALWAYS read the book before you see the movie.

In addition to my love for books I'm a compulsive baker and coffee drinker. I love clothes but hate shopping, I have a kindle but prefer to buy hard copies of books. I don't believe in shampoo and conditioner combos and my motto most mornings is "curly hair don't care". If you ever can't find me chances are I'm in a bookstore or on a hike.


Carpe Librum! (Seize the Book!)