MaryAnne "Read Well" 

So, the first things you should know about me is I am the textbook description of an introvert and how much I dislike introducing myself.  I don’t know what you want to know, so it’s such a shot in the dark and I don’t like to shoot wildly. Here’s the basics:

I’m married to Dave, who serves as an assistant pastor at Calvary Vista and we’ve been there close to 20 years. I’m mom to Ashley, who is my best friend in that weird Gilmore Girls way, but I’ll still yell at her like a mom. Not that I ever have to. I have an amazing son-in-love, Sebastion, of whom we told Ashley we would adopt if she didn’t marry him so she might as well because she was stuck with him.  Lastly, I’m Gigi to our sweet, wild, funny, creative granddaughter, Audrey and our snuggly, mischievous and adventurous grandson Declan. 

I like fast cars, good cameras, motorcycles, nice yarn, fried food, dogs, most sports and especially football.  And, I love to read. After years of reading indiscriminately, some of those as a Christian, I was introduced to the concept of discerning reading by my spiritual dad, John Hofland.  His guidance revolutionized my walk with God and reading habits, and created a passion for Truth that drives me to this day.

There, that was uncomfortable and I don’t know how much that helps you know something about me, but I’m glad you’re here, glad you care about what you read, and glad you want to live and walk in truth.

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Dive Deep

Read Well