Mountains into Molehills

Recently my mom purchased my daughter and I matching necklaces, simple gold chains adorned with a crystal pendent. While most would look at these pieces as cute and trendy minimalist inspired jewelry, they meant much more to my daughter and I. Not just because they were from our beloved Gigi and fellow Lady of Lit but because of what they were meant to remind me of. 

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Sometimes you read something and you realize that even though what you read is an obvious truth, it now resonates with your soul as if you never heard it before. I sort of love and hate that, in one way it makes me feel the thrill of discovery and illumination, in another way I feel a little flush of shame as if I’ve missed something. In reality, all I’ve done is uncovered a mystery.

When you and I think of a mystery, we think of things like Agatha Christie novels, Sherlock and why anyone thinks reptiles make good pets. Maybe I only think that last one. We think of a mystery as something to figure out, something to discover, and something that cannot be explained.  It is something hidden, and hidden from us like a secret.  A mystery is a challenge to us to unravel. 

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