Written for women by women, a collection of reviews on a range of women issues. Featuring some of our favorite author, like Nancy Demoss Wolgmuth, Emily P. Freeman, and Elizabeth George. Click here to see our women's reviews. 

We may be ladies of lit but we don't want to leave out the guys. As spiritual leaders the men in our lives sometimes need the added encouragement and wisdom a good book can offer. Click here to see our men's reviews. 


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We all know little minds are like sponges so we want to make sure your littles are reading the best stuff out there. Curated by our littlest lady of lit our children sections is bound to have something to delight the littlest readers in your life. Click here to see our children's reviews. . 

Ages 14+ these reviews cover books on a wide range of subjects for the young adult. From navigating budding relationships, to finding the courage to be brave and follow the Lords calling in their lives. Click here to see our  young adult reviews. 

Probably one of the hardest things in life to navigate, marriage and raising a family can often leave even the least avid reader looking for wisdom from a good book. Click here to see our marriage & family reviews. 

A good devotion can be like a breath of fresh air to your daily routine, but if you have been to a bookstore lately you know there are literally thousands to choose from! Let us help you find the perfect fit. Click here to see our devotional reviews.

One sure way to be encouraged in our walks with the Lord is to read about others who are walking the same path. Be it hundreds years ago or currently walking, biographies can bring us fresh perspective, encouragement and direction. Click here to see our biography reviews. 

Some books are too good to leave out, The Classics as we call them. From Dickens, to Austen lets not forget these beautifully penned classics. Click here to see our classics reviews. 


Sometimes it's fun to escape for a bit and fiction is one of our favorite ways to do that. Whether it's a trip back in time, or a visit to a quiet mountain village with a host of charming locals, fiction offers us a unique chance to step into another world. To see some of the places we've visited click here and browse our fiction reviews. 

Defending our faith in a world full of skeptics can often feel overwhelming. What exactly is the truth and how do we communicate it in love and respect to the unbelieving world? Blessedly, there is a plethora of books on this very subject, click here to see our apologetics reviews. 

At the end of the day our bibles are the most important books on our shelves and learning to study it and get the most from it should be our top priority. In our study and ministry helps reviews we seek to bring you resources that will help you cultivate rich times in God's word. Click here to see our study and ministry helps reviews. 

What's the world coming to? Blessedly we don't have to wonder. The Bible is full of answers to that question but sometimes its nice to have a little help on the side when it comes to prophecy and end times topics. Click here to see our prophecy and end times reviews.   

Sometimes we write about reading...what does that mean? Sometimes it's about how to become a more avid reader, how to assemble your summer reading list, or the value of re-reading books. For some insights into our favorite pastime click here

The lists that started it all. 15+ years ago MaryAnne started doing resource reviews at our churches women's retreats. In recent years Ashley has joined her and out of that team work the Three Ladies of Lit Reviews were created. Sadly, we don't have all 15 years of lists for you but we do have several and promise to keep adding each year as we continue. Click here to see the lists.